Testimony From: Mina Maurice

Testimony Date :Aug 04, 2022

Hi, my name is Mina, and I had a severe injury in my arm with excruciating pain, after consulting with several doctors I found out that I ruptured my supraspinatus tendon in my right arm. The supraspinatus tendon helps your arm to move throughout its full range of motion and helps with power and strength. Hence, I had very limited range of motion, and providing that I work with my hand a lot, it was a real agony, every time I forget and lift anything, I would be tortured from the pain to a certain point that I felt like I'd rather lose my arm completely to get rid of the pain. I went to several doctors in Egypt and outside of Egypt, I took medication, had physical therapy sessions, magnetic & electric waves, thermal treatment, even had two injections inside the shoulder socket which were very painful to try and solve the issue. But it all went in vain, no improvements. Most of the time I couldn't even just put on a simple shirt, I needed someone to help me get dressed.


That is until I found "The Healing Christ ministry" with Bishop Maximus. And he told me you can be healed completely if you follow these steps, repent from that, and he specified exactly what is blocking me from receiving healing from Our Lord Jesus. I followed his instructions carefully and still am. And at the beginning I felt a great relief from the pain, and to put it to numbers, I'd say 70% as the first healing batch, it felt like I could breathe again, there is hope, and then I continued the instruction to maintain my heart clean and continued repenting until the pain was gone by 90-95%. And the 5% remaining took me some time until certain things took their course in my heart and soul. I now understand that it is a process, just like physical therapy, except these are effective, therapy wasn't for me.


I praise our Lord Jesus for He is alive and is making miracles, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Miracles are real in the true body of Christ which is the True Church where Jesus is present with His glory, and that glory vanquishes all pain, sickness, weakness or sadness and broken hearts. His healing is for the body, mind, and soul. Because He is risen above all of that, and His will at every single moment is to give us what he accomplished. Only the devil tries to convince us otherwise. I now know that my sickness and lack of movement in my right arm was the will of the wicked, but my healing is the will of our Lord Christ. 

Thanks to His Love and His presence in this church, I can lift my little daughter and play with her. which wouldn't have been a reality today.


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